Saved from ignorance.

Ignorance is ignoring true bliss.

That’s my spin-off from “Ignorance is bliss”.


What is my embrace? Is it to hide from your splendor and majesty? May that never be the case. You designed us with a consuming fire to know eternity. Yet, some of us are too stubborn to look for you. How ironic is it that we let the temporary chains of this world weigh us down? We were born to know eternity. You put eternity in our hearts. Yet, we ignore what is truly eternal. How sad is it to find our souls and minds wrapped around bacon- that the things that look good to us easily deceives us into thinking that we are in bliss. I have been transformed from the very hands of Christ; it was Your kindness that led me to repentance; the nails in Your hands drove me to a deeper awareness- that I did not ask for a savior, but through it I was saved from my ignorance- the possibility that I could live life without knowing that someone loves me and cares for me like His only child. My relationship with you is true bliss.


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