Think Christ

Think Blue turned into Think Christ tonight.

An estimated 50,000 people showed up; God’s presence filled the seats and I definitely saw a true harvest appear before my eyes.

Worship in this environment was the closest thing I’ve experienced to a revival.

At first, I sincerely had to prepare my heart- that I was not going to worship to put on a show or bring solely my emotions as the driving factor to complete an incomplete worship. Think Christ. I humbled myself and sought for meekness; for His glory to shine. Honestly, Kirk Franklin did not help. He sought after a Holy Ghost party, but I thought, “Dang, his dance moves seem more proper elsewhere”. Was he Thinking Christ

Later, I was introduced to Greg Laurie for the first time. He clearly preached with a heart and meditation that was pleasing to the Lord. Unforgettably, he said “All roads will lead to God. (Literally, everyone will have to face God one day), but there will only be one road to Heaven which is through Christ”. Transitioning to the invitation for people to accept Christ as their Personal Lord and Savior, I couldn’t help but to do what the Spirit told me at that moment. He told me to stand up, lift my hands, and give all glory and praise to God. I prayed with such consuming fire with the intention that God was going to use an inadequate body like me to pray on behalf of those who will receive Christ tonight. Christ was refining me with His fire as I wept uncontrollably knowing knowing that it was Christ alone who transformed my heart back in April 2010.

About fifteen minutes later, I opened my eyes to see barely any patches of green on the field. There were about 8,000 to 10,000 people who came on the field to find new purpose and meaning in Christ through repentance. From 1st base to 3rd base, the Heavens were truly feasting and rejoicing; lives were being offered to Christ.

We finished the night with praise led by Chris Tomlin. The Spirit was Worshiping Christ. It seemed like everyone in the stadium was Worshiping Christ. In unison, we were one church giving all glory to Christ. Claps were crisp and sharp, and our voices were lifted to Heaven. Jesus, was working tonight. 

He loved us before we were even created- that we would live knowing that His breath fueled our souls to be Holy. Christ was thinking of His people when He was forsaken on the Cross to forgive us of our sins. Christ thought of us when He resurrected. He thinks of us highly; He loves us more than we can THINK CHRIST.


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