Are your headlights on?

Without going to Jackass Canyon, for Labor Day, I would have never gained this insight.

Let me expand your horizon for a minute.

Sunday afternoon, after church, we departed at 5 pm. At around 9 pm, we started to hit a nasty, windy, dangerous, and stressful  30 mile stretch of a road where we thought was going to be the cause of our death beds. We arrived at Jackass at 11 pm where we were greeted by those so glad and relieved to see us safe and somewhat sound. Party of nine, please.

30 Mile Stretch of Unpaved Road:

We cried “JESUS!” out of want and need to arrive safely. Humor was formed around the idea that we would be fresh barbacoa seasoned with salt for lively scavengers if it wasn’t for our dependence on Christ. The road was so narrow making it seem possible for a camel to fit through the eye of a needle. If a car were to come from the opposite direction, it’d be havoc. We were barely sparing one feet of untouched width. The cliff was right there!  The pounding of broken stone, gravel, and dirt on the car gave to the constant drumming of temporary inconvenience. We worshiped and praised Him throughout the entire 30 miles. Oh if it weren’t for Him!

What is the meaning of living a Christian life? For me, it was my accurate reflection of this road as the definition of what it meant to be His disciple- that we aren’t supposed to live comfortably or even without struggles, but to live in faith and assurance that He will provide. He will provide His presence and grace to those who are ready to receive, but also that he yearns for His children to become grace takers- that we are so immersed in gaining from this intimate relationship than from anything else.On the road, we wondered what would happen if we turned off our headlights. A chill and fear ran through our bodies as we yelled. IT WAS PITCH BLACK. Christ, is the headlight on the road that we travel.




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