I want to be like Christ.

Both is fun- watching him dominate in exhibition games, and watching him seal crucial victories in the playoffs.

I want to be like Mike.

 Recently, I’ve been programming Youtube to show me all that there is to Jordan- young or old. Is Jordan really the best basketball player?
I have every intention to be biased towards Kobe, but taking the game as objectively as I could, I would find it hard pressed to argue against Jordan.
“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.” Hmm, sounds like a Champion.
I’ll keep in shape until I’m 50. I’ll compete till then.

Who do you want to emulate?


There is no one like you. If I’m willing to watch and learn from Jordan about the game of basketball, how would I learn about life other than from the one who created it? Jesus, every highlight of my life goes to you; without your presence, I’d be sitting on the bench. Coach me, and humble me when I have the ball in my hands- whether I make or miss that final shot, I know that I’ll give you all praise and honor. Steward me during timeouts; sit me on the bench when I’m tired; I need to replenish. Every time I step on that court, I’m a ‘witness’- from the grave to life You resurrected, and from my own testimony, You gave me grace to forsake the world and to gain the Cross. I want to be like you.


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