I plagiarized. Have you?

I lied to Mr. Van Rossum, my 9th grade history teacher.

Narrative: My engrossing story featured an imaginary tutor who I held responsible for plagiarism. ‘She’ was the primary perpetrator- the one who had told me to make the following corrections on my rough draft which allegedly led me to receive a D- and a “see me after class” comment on the front of my essay.

I told him, “Do you want to talk to her? I can put you on the phone with her”. He caught me red handed- not that he actually took my offer, but that he proved with Turnitin.com, that there was more than met the eye.

In the end, He saved face. He told me not to do it again and let me off the hook. I was never able to apologize to him with the truth; my mind and stomach awkwardly buzzed every time I walked past him in the hall through my 10th-12th grade years.

And here lies the correlation: We think we can live on our own strength without giving credit to where credit is due. We often plagiarize life without reference to the Potter, without honor to the maker of our hands and feet, and without fear of the one who put each star in its place. 

He expressed His love for us in the most intimate way; He gave us His breath and presence and offered us a seat in this mutual relationship. Instead, we took matters into our own hands; we sought after the temptations and gave in to our flesh; We did not partner with God, but wanted to become God.

Then we held back our apologizes while shamefully creating excuses to downplay our wrong. “She told me to do it”.

  Don’t wait until Judgment.com checks  your life and sees that you have plagiarized His purpose driven life. God is waiting for us  to repent; His grace is sufficient- meaning there’s opportunity to move on and grow in His presence.


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