Here’s a fun way to visualize this revelation. Instead of talking cars, imagine talking boats.

Once upon a time, there was a cruise ship named Past and a row boat named Present.

Past asked Present, “Where are you headed?” Present answered, “Not where you went”. Past resumed his train of thought and boasted saying, “But I had great fun and I’m bound to go again. Is it too hard for you to row yourself to where I’m going?” Present simplified his response saying, “Not really, it’s just hard to find my way back once I’m there.”

Lord, I was once in the vast ocean hesitant to commit to your direction. Your ways are true, I was stupid to follow the ways of the stranded seas. As a rowboat, who am I to dictate the calm, yet treacherous waters? Even in the midst, of exploring life through my own intentions, you always provided a lighthouse that would reroute me to salvation. Life was getting to heavy to bear- with your grace and mercy, repentance and obedience was possible. I will never travel on the Past, but the Present. Thank you for showing me your Glory.


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