Debt Ceiling

“The government can no longer meet its obligations by borrowing more money” (TPM).

Our economy is a tragic circumstance of compiling wrongdoings. “Democrats and Republicans agree that if the debt limit is not raised we would be inviting economic catastrophe” (Washington Post). The reconstruction of the debt ceiling takes on another effect: The rich get richer and the poor have to fight to re-position themselves to find favor in the eyes of Congress (as if the poor have not already done enough to show that the American Dream is a discriminatory practicality). 

“The debate about the ceiling has become entwined in the larger issue about slashing the budget. The budget debate is shaping up around trying to balance two perhaps equally unpopular remedies: sharp cuts to popular government-funded programs and major tax increases (to the working class)” (Washington Post).

My work here in DC consists of one ultimate truth: that the world functions on the gap between the rich and the poor, but Jesus operates with the idea that the “poor have hope, and injustice shuts its mouth” (Job 5:16). May His kingdom meet all those in need and confront all those who take away from making His kingdom come true.

There is a bigger debt ceiling that rises in our lives if we do not repent. In April 2010, I filed for bankruptcy, but the consequences of my sins left me with bad credit. I needed the constant renewing of the Holy Spirit to do away with the injustice and apathy that accumulated in my heart throughout my existence. I owe the debt of love to Christ. I owe Him my surrender because the debt was death.


I was at a point where I could no longer meet my obligations to repay the debt. I had cheapened your grace so much that I invited death to my soul. In your kind words, you whispered, “I’ve raised the debt ceiling for you again. You can have a new life in me”. Through deathly torment and anguish, you paid my debt. Thank you for your love.


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