Who put the art in my heart?

Since April 2010, a lot of my daily reflections stem from the following question:

What is the art in my heart?

Well, rumor has it that my heart used to be drenched by worldly values and virtues that did not lead to salvation.

I was consumed with a slanted perspective about who I was supposed to be and who was going to lead me there.

As the lovely Ms. Chung puts it,

“‘ll be down
You be my offbeat
Let’s make rh-rh-rh-rhythm
And harmony
Waltz to our 3/4
‘Cause you put the art in my heart”

This agenda has been more life saving than a life guard’s sprint and dive into the mass ocean.

I’m glad that Christ put the art in my heart, and like any great artist there is an unexpected wisdom and love that is poured forth from paintbrush to paint then brush to canvas.

I’m glad that Jesus has put His art in my heart.


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