“I Love NY”

To be lazy in NY is like being a clown at a funeral. The puppeteer pulls all the strings in synchronized motion causing each individual to amass chaos. This teamwork produces players that come off as cold and inconsiderate without giving much respect to their fans for coming to the big show. Viewing this game for the first time, I let the stereotypes pound into my cerebellum; there was something true and menacing about the streets of NY. 

I began to substitute a revelation into my new awareness. Take taxis to be sin. There are plenty to choose from, and they even conform to the likeness of one another. Sin is a collective pool of shame, dirt, and guilt; one that is so easy to step into, but so hard to step away from. Even as you step away from sin, you have to pay the driver for his services- Why are we so foolish as to create this profitable venture for the devil? The devil loves having us pay consequences for our sin; As many enter signs as there are, there is only one exit sign: Jesus. It’s too easy to call a cab; it’s too easy to justify the means to get to the end. Brothers and sisters, let us combat and boycott against this devilish enterprise. Let us remember that Christ died the most tortuous death not for our sins to resurrect, but for our souls to resurrect against our descended sins. Let us fully separate away from evil, but know that the world needs light to function- to provide the way and the light for those lost in the midst of dirty water. When we are hungry for sin, let us not call on a cab; let us walk with boldness and courage- that along the way, our path will be marked as “The few, the proud, the saved”.

God, if you ever want to salt me on the surface of NY, I’m more than happy to roll up my sleeves and do work for you. As intimidating as it once seemed, NY is full of good people who tend to make bad choices. There are barriers that need to be broken down and graffiti to be erased in the name of Jesus. There are conversations that need to be started, cuss words that need to be cut down, and selfless service that need to be projected by Christians in the area. Jesus says,


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