Tomorrow will be the first time I watch fireworks from the East.

My ‘far east movement’ to DC has met all my expectations and more. I’ve heard a rumor that Jaeson Ma has reached out to the respective rap/ hip hop group and have shared to them the Gospel. I pray and seek that one day the ruling principality of evil will insert no more of its disease into the grasp of our palms. May the love of Christ transform the dominion of our unruly behavior and unrighteousness. May we truly lay it all down for Him. 

“If you want to have passion for Jesus, you have to study His passion for you”. There is no secret contained the presence of His love. God sees that you’re rejecting His love. Why insist to perform life according to your script? There is no true success in a rough draft; His love is a final draft- Jesus will outlast.

Evil has no dominion over Him. He is the only deity that has robbed evil of destruction. Don’t rob yourself of a ‘purpose driven life’.

Fireworks tomorrow will symbolize my growth and spiritual movement towards Calvary- to the very essence that God has shown and revealed to me the depth of depravity in my life; in one quick swoop, He indicated that new life was to be found and amazing grace was to be received if I was to finally accept His love and not my own.

Your life is a firework, but if you do not handle it properly, then you will get hurt. May your life be a celebration of true joy; one that whistles a fierce and rushing sound into the night sky with the explosion of heavenly rejoicing.


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