Who hired you?

D.C has been SO EVENTFUL that I have not kept publishing my baby.

Sorry baby.

I’m back.

D.C is full of perspectives and beliefs. The culture is vivid with secular life filled with small pockets of Christ-like servants. The District of Columbia needs to turn into a District of Christ. His Kingdom needs to come in this area and be filled with His presence. I’m joyous at the prospect of hope in this land. 

I’ve been willing to take on extra tasks at work (some mundane, some creative and intuitively practical for every day life); this reason extends beyond leaving a better impression and recommendation if I ever need a contact here again. My pastor was preaching a sermon series titled, “Who is Our Audience” before I arrived to this strange and foreign land. The message I’ve tried applying is easier said than done.

Who is our employer? Is it not Christ? He has called us to do good work not because it is the ticket to salvation, but because He did good work. Who is your audience?

Jesus has hired you to do good work. Trust me, the pay is huge. 


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