Second Page

The colors don’t seem too proper for this celebration. ALL BLACK? As in this font color – font style bold, BLACK? Luckily my tassel is gold.

All in all, trying on my cap and gown feels so surreal.

My gown symbolizes 3 years of a detoured (once lost), but now found kind of journey. The black brutely represents the dark areas of my heart; the compatible synergy between me and the devil. The most important moment in college was not when I graduated, but when I found a restored story through God’s redemptive plan for my life. Ever since April 2010, I’m glad that I’ve gained  intangible attributes such as a newfound commitment and discipline for hard work that was premature in my high school days.

I wish I can say “IT’S ALL OVER!”, but it really isn’t. I’m glad that the closing of a chapter can open up a new one. As I open this new chapter starting with an internship in D.C and plans to study the LSAT to the transferring of my application for various law schools, I will carry over the same valuable sources that planted fruits in the last chapter.

A small percentage of my high school friends will be there to celebrate my college graduation; a small percentage of my college friends will be there to stand there at the finish line at my law school; All of Christ will be there leading me to a higher echelon.

I thank everyone for being so supportive and especially those who stick with me through the thick and thin. 


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