Lakers Swept


Heading into Lent season, I did not know what to fast. I had never fasted anything before for 40 days. 

The Spirit was quick to tell me that basketball was a big part of my life. 

There was a time when I’d use to have 3 pop-up screens on my computer showing 3 different NBA games as I enjoyed basketball heaven. I decided to give up anything that had to do with the NBA. 

 But because I had cheated along the way (eating at a restaurant and being fixedly tuned to the plasma screen) I decided to extend the joy of Easter Sunday by not watching any playoff games (only highlights). 

The fall and demise of the heralded Los Angeles Lakers gives truth to an unshaken foundation: that Jesus will bear fruit and cut dead branches off.

The Lakers have no life. Lamar displays his frustration eventually getting thrown out of the game. Bynum may have a baby face, but he illustrates the worst side of “NBA Cares”. He doesn’t care about sportsmanship. He drives the steel of his elbow against the rib cage of a point guard while he’s 9 feet from the floor. He takes off his jersey while walking to the locker room.

I’m so happy that I did not watch a single live moment of Lakers playoff basketball. 

But I am glad that I could uncover the hidden Gospel in things that seem uncorrelated.


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