For a split second, I thought I read, “OBAMA IS DEAD” as a Facebook status.

While my Facebook status rendered the confusion between Obama and Osama, I contemplated on a deeper thought.

Similar questions came to my mind when I once read Pastor Eugene’s blog about Dietrich Bonhoeffer and his aim to take down Hitler.

Am I here to celebrate Osama’s death?

  • If so, am I justifying God’s love for world peace?
  • Is there such a compromise made when we wave America’s flag to declare a rival’s death? 
  • Who’s kingdom are we seeking when we stand proud for our enemy’s fall?
Such reflections remain when I try dissecting the very nature of my human flesh:
I’m glad that Osama is dead.
But my alter-ego, tells me that Jesus would probably not be celebrating a death as we would (that a sinner buried in the arms of Satan is a time of mourning for Him).
Proverbs 24:17

Honestly, I feel inconclusive even after writing this blog.

I feel like my doubtful feelings about this issue will remain with the passing of another infamous person.

Thank God, I am not God.


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