Let my people go

I watched Prince of Egypt for the first time yesterday.

I was tardy since 1998, but not absent for the viewing.

Again, I was reminded of God’s favor as Moses commanded Pharaoh, “Let my people go”. 

But in essence, a new revelation hit the frontal lobe of my brain. 

Jesus’s sacrifice was one that embodied, “Let my people go”. It was a cry to Abba Father pleading for Him not to bear His wrath on His children, but for Jesus to bear the wrath for us. “LET MY PEOPLE GO”.The final strike of Moses’s staff in the sea culminated to the statement: “God let his people go”.His death was the conclusion and response to every hardened heart; “Let my people go” was the final prayer as Jesus declared, “Father forgive them for they do not know what they do”. 

“Free at last, free at last, Thank God Almighty we are free at last”


Second Page

The colors don’t seem too proper for this celebration. ALL BLACK? As in this font color – font style bold, BLACK? Luckily my tassel is gold.

All in all, trying on my cap and gown feels so surreal.

My gown symbolizes 3 years of a detoured (once lost), but now found kind of journey. The black brutely represents the dark areas of my heart; the compatible synergy between me and the devil. The most important moment in college was not when I graduated, but when I found a restored story through God’s redemptive plan for my life. Ever since April 2010, I’m glad that I’ve gained  intangible attributes such as a newfound commitment and discipline for hard work that was premature in my high school days.

I wish I can say “IT’S ALL OVER!”, but it really isn’t. I’m glad that the closing of a chapter can open up a new one. As I open this new chapter starting with an internship in D.C and plans to study the LSAT to the transferring of my application for various law schools, I will carry over the same valuable sources that planted fruits in the last chapter.

A small percentage of my high school friends will be there to celebrate my college graduation; a small percentage of my college friends will be there to stand there at the finish line at my law school; All of Christ will be there leading me to a higher echelon.

I thank everyone for being so supportive and especially those who stick with me through the thick and thin. 

Take a Sample

If every student gave more effort to follow directions, our education system would be a lot better.

About 6 weeks back, in my Econ 308 class, there was a class discussion on the following sample problem:

“EVALUATE THE FOLLOWING STATEMENT: “John is paid a straight salary…”

After the professor confirmed the answer, a student raises his hand and asks, “So, is the answer true or false?”




My classmate and I literally laughed out loud amongst the rumbling of chairs as class was getting out.

I don’t think I laughed that hard in a while.

 Such is the case with us not obeying God’s commands. The only problem is that I don’t laugh hard enough at myself when I don’t follow simple directions.

There are simple sample problems in the Bible that have been tested and answered. 

Life can get simpler if we obey. 

Lakers Swept


Heading into Lent season, I did not know what to fast. I had never fasted anything before for 40 days. 

The Spirit was quick to tell me that basketball was a big part of my life. 

There was a time when I’d use to have 3 pop-up screens on my computer showing 3 different NBA games as I enjoyed basketball heaven. I decided to give up anything that had to do with the NBA. 

 But because I had cheated along the way (eating at a restaurant and being fixedly tuned to the plasma screen) I decided to extend the joy of Easter Sunday by not watching any playoff games (only highlights). 

The fall and demise of the heralded Los Angeles Lakers gives truth to an unshaken foundation: that Jesus will bear fruit and cut dead branches off.

The Lakers have no life. Lamar displays his frustration eventually getting thrown out of the game. Bynum may have a baby face, but he illustrates the worst side of “NBA Cares”. He doesn’t care about sportsmanship. He drives the steel of his elbow against the rib cage of a point guard while he’s 9 feet from the floor. He takes off his jersey while walking to the locker room.

I’m so happy that I did not watch a single live moment of Lakers playoff basketball. 

But I am glad that I could uncover the hidden Gospel in things that seem uncorrelated.


For a split second, I thought I read, “OBAMA IS DEAD” as a Facebook status.

While my Facebook status rendered the confusion between Obama and Osama, I contemplated on a deeper thought.

Similar questions came to my mind when I once read Pastor Eugene’s blog about Dietrich Bonhoeffer and his aim to take down Hitler.

Am I here to celebrate Osama’s death?

  • If so, am I justifying God’s love for world peace?
  • Is there such a compromise made when we wave America’s flag to declare a rival’s death? 
  • Who’s kingdom are we seeking when we stand proud for our enemy’s fall?
Such reflections remain when I try dissecting the very nature of my human flesh:
I’m glad that Osama is dead.
But my alter-ego, tells me that Jesus would probably not be celebrating a death as we would (that a sinner buried in the arms of Satan is a time of mourning for Him).
Proverbs 24:17

Honestly, I feel inconclusive even after writing this blog.

I feel like my doubtful feelings about this issue will remain with the passing of another infamous person.

Thank God, I am not God.