Temporary Hurt

Ouch, my ribs are bruised. We’ll see if it’s harder to breathe

It might be a fracture.

During today’s first softball practice, there was a deep fly ball (the park segments each field by placing fences to designate a boundary).

My only judgement was to track that ball and catch the heat in my glove. I don’t blame everything on my fellow outfielders who saw me sprint without telling me to caution for the fence. GOSH IT WAS SO EASY BLAMING THEM!

Hence, my bruise ribs give me a reason for a deeper reflection.

A. It’s my fault for running so focused for the goal without seeing barriers in the way.

B. The church community should help keep peers accountable.

C. I should not be blaming my church support group for not helping me in the midst of my journey.

D. All of the above.

I believe that D is the right answer. Don’t B and C contradict? Well, the church community should offer to help and keep us on the road to God’s glory. But, the church is not perfect. I trust that it does the best it can, but there are times when our innate desire to sin disregards our church’s intent to keep us safe. Therefore, we should not blame the church for our sin.

I ran into the fence with extreme momentum.

Lord, I thank you for my daily provision.

You provide my daily bread and fortunate health.

I thank you that your grace cushioned my scary impact.


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