The Result

I’m in the library during the relatively quiet hours of a school night.

After doing my devotionals, I pondered on a quote that are in big, bold letters here on the second floor.

Mind you, that Ghandi is quoted on the 3rd floor, and I’m sure that some steward of religious or ethical duty is quoted on the 4th floor.

The quote says, “All we are is a result of what we have thought”. – Shakyamuni Bhuddha

Here is my connection to the quote:

We are a result of sin. Sin forms our deepest thoughts and invades the most secret areas of our heart. 

But I’m sure Buddha was never truly enlightened by the magnitude of his own sin.

Reflecting upon Easter weekend, I can confidently say that “All we are is a result of God’s grace and mercy”. His love is fire that cleanses and gives a renewed purpose to live.

All we are is a result of Christ Crucified. 

All we are is a result of Christ’s Resurrection. 

All we are is a result of His Love. 




What is the opportunity cost?

There is Danny, the 6th grader who has the athletic motivation of a high school student.

There is Sam, the 6th grader who’s complaints and whining pierces the windy night.

Danny gets it. No one becomes better basketball players without practice. So he’s not afraid of the challenge.

Sam is timid. “No” might be his favorite word. 

From the 1 hour and 20 min coaching tonight, I drilled Sam for 1 hour.

So the objective was to make 5 consecutive shots in one spot with proper shooting form.

  • He must use the backboard.
  • I would not let him leave until he completed his task.

As the sun set, shot after shot, I have never been so redundant as I was tonight.

“Focus”. “Focus”. “Nope you’re not focusing”. “Slow down”. “Don’t hurry”. “Focus”. “1”. “2”. “1”. “1”. “Focus”. “You’re rushing”. “Let me show you”. “1,2,3,4”. “1”. “Focus”. “Now, you’re not focusing”. “If you can make 1 you can make 2”. “If you can make 4 you can make 5”. “1”. Danny in the background: “Oh my hahhahaha CMONNN”. “Danny, don’t say that, it’s not going to help”. “1”. “1”. “1,2,3,4”. “1”. “Don’t give up, you can do it”. “There you go”. “1,2”. “Ah, Cmon, focus”.

Sam’s redundancy: “Ah, cmon. I don’t want to do this anymore”. “I will never do this again”. “I don’t want to”. “Can’t Danny just go?” “Oh my! I made 4, why do I have to do 5?” “It’s always the 5th one”. “NOOOOOO”. “CMON”. “Can I do granny shot?” “AHHH” “4! (Slams ball on the ground).

Finally, came the rewarding moment.

“1,2,3,4”. “Okay, now Sam, really focus. You can do this”.