Who’s in your bracket?

Appropriately, this idea came to me during March.

For those who don’t know, ’tis the season for March Madness.

College Basketball is at its finest during this stretch to determine who will be crowned:


Individually, we tend to compete amongst each other. Amongst our friends, who will be called champion? Against our enemies, our bias gives us the victory. We won through selfishness, pride, and an unwillingness to love our neighbors.

You may win against your fellow counterparts, and even pull off some unseen upsets. You may win the entire bracket. You might be on top of the world.

Yet, when you’re playing God, you will never pull off a David vs. Goliath victory. Often times, why is God our biggest competitor?

Why not make Him our greatest friend, our most humble teammate, our first source of trust and dependence?

It’s hard to say this lovingly towards my non believing friends, but they will never beat God. Life is God’s game.

Life is God’s game, but He made us all winners.

If I created a game, I would’ve made sure that I was


Thank God, I didn’t create life.


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