Head Coach

As a freshman, I made the JV team. However, varsity players moved down to JV and I moved down to the freshman team.

Humility left, and I was stuck with my ego.

Knowing I was more skilled than everyone else, I quickly became the first person disgusted with our team’s performance and I became the last person that anyone wanted to talk to.

I never pointed the finger at myself. I should have.

Sooner than later, this translated to my dedication on my club team. I half-assed every Saturday practice and I put a facade acting as if I was trying my best. I could feel my teammates wanting me to put in more effort; they spoke loudly by challenging me in every facet of the game. They had my number; there was a cloud of quit over my head.

I could have spent this time getting better, instead I couldn’t shake off this state of mind.

In retrospect, as I gave a lukewarm effort with God, there was no way to give more to basketball.

If basketball was my passion then what was God?

As my pastor puts it, when you substitute humility for ego your effort and creativity diminishes. Your original passion becomes a pastime.

John Wooden is a great example of a Christ filled man who never changed his character. His commitment with Christ was evident on the sidelines. He was passionate.

Basketball has once again become my passion; I don’t put in the hours of practice as in high school, but I’ve been able to translate my past to a better future. I was involved in a joyous thriller tonight in my intramural game where we went to double overtime, and came out victorious.

I came out victorious with Christ. I try to embody His love throughout the game; never boastful or lacking of character, but a body language that says BASKETBALL IS SO FUN!

Coach Mark,

I never had a chance to apologize to you. I know there were moments you wanted to scream your head off or even more subtle times when you were disappointed in my attitude. I’m sorry that I went off track. Overall, some of my best memories were from the Hawks, and I’m glad that you lead us in the right direction. I was fortunate that you coached me.

– Sejin


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