“What an F***** up world”,

says the concentric group who distort the image of this world to their likings. 

Yet these people do not blame the world’s fall as a cause of sin, their sin.

The irony behind their statement is that they seem to follow worldly standards. They are governed by what the world tells them to do, and periodically they throw the F bomb on the world for giving them things other than what they want.

Once they throw F bombs on this world, why do they rebuild their foundation with the precise things that made the world fall?

A devilish cycle begins. Addiction is too hard to let go. They drop F bombs when it hurts too much to keep their addiction going. They don’t want to get better but to feel better. But then the rebuilding begins. Infrastructure progresses. They feel clean enough to feel pleasure again. Pleasure outweighs pain until the scales get bent.



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