Pareto Efficient

Salvation is pareto efficient.

Salvation is impossible to change; it will make at least one person better off without making another person worse off.

Jesus’s death on the Cross is not victory for Christians, but for followers of Christ. Salvation makes everyone better off.



Whatever field you pursue, I challenge you to make subtle connections to Jesus. Open up your creative process.

As an Economics major, I have learned that solutions to world problems can be met economically. However, this is a subject that can be a cute animal turned gremlin. What can be used to motivate provision can also be misused to become  indifferent and rather apathetic to social justice because financially, it does not make sense to help out others when we can be helping out ourselves first. Alone,  economics supports the slightest movement towards a better world. But when Jesus is in the midst of an economic conversation, Heaven can be on Earth.


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