Hollow my will, Hallow your will

When I write my blogs, I think the most obvious comes out:

That my words or the heart of my message is incomparable to the heart of my Father.

I just listened to a great sermon from John Piper.

Personally, I have never had trouble learning about Jesus or being in awe of His “shell”.

However, I have always had a problem of seeking the “kernel” or the TRUTH.

It will never be my intellectual reasoning that impedes my relationship with Christ. Instead, dry seasons came and will come because there will be times where I exalt myself more than God.

When my heart obstructs my growth in Christ, I need to pray “Hallowed be your name”.

Lord, hallowed be your glorious name. Hallowed be your infinite desire to align the world to your will. Hallowed be your courage to save mankind. Hallowed be your love and may your truth expand in my life. May your will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.


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