Eye to Eye

Let’s extend our hands to them.

I’ve heard about Heidi Baker, but never looked into who she is myself.

I’ve heard about Mother Teresa, so I bought a book; I’ve yet to read it.

I’ve heard and read about Martin Luther King Jr., but I can never experience or taste who he is.

I’ve heard, read, and tasted that the Lord is good.

I had an amazing encounter with Jesus at my church’s retreat during the past 3 days. Appropriately, He was the center of a powerful testimony tonight.

I kept declaring, “Jesus, I am your vessel. Use me” as I was walking with my two musketeers.

After fervent prayer, James was slow to wipe away his tears. Dale cried again, after having cried earlier.

James quickly acts upon the hope and strength that we have in Christ. He emptied out one pocket, and firmly closed $1.75 in his hands. Thinking that James wanted to “pound it” Dale extended his arm, made a fist and “pounded it”. Only then to catch himself off guard. “No, open your hands, I wanted to give you all that I had”.

Dale replied, “What? What do you mean? Why would you do this? I feel guilty. I can’t do this. I mean look at you. You need the money more than I do”.

James cleverly replies, “The Native Americans think it’s rude when people don’t accept their gift” knowing that instead he was responding to God’s calling at that moment.

My heart was quietly saying, “I cannot believe this is happening”.

The homeless man now became moneyless! THIS DOES NOT MAKE SENSE! I could not contain the notion that James just transferred all his wealth to a “potentially” homeless man.

Seconds later, not realizing what was in his other pocket, James wrestled with change. He held out two lifeless quarters on his palm and said, “God will multiply”.

My love surrenders to Jesus’s love. While I conditionally love, Jesus unconditionally desires His children to be restored through God’s community.

Tonight, God’s community started with those who were Christ-filled and ended with those who had child-like faith. The 3 Musketeers can testify that James and Dale just became friends in Christ’s name.

I look forward to them at our church. I praise God for using a sinner like me to witness a Heavenly moment. God’s movement doesn’t stop there. He says, “Pursue the next one in front of you, and maintain your relationship with the last one”.

Jesus, I respect you too much to not listen to your voice. I will do what you say.



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