Colorful Life.

Seeing that black & white was inadequate, we devised color television.

The era of black and white television corresponds to a time before Jesus. Israel was a chosen nation having to declare their love for God through obedience. Some groups like the Pharisees and Sadducees exploited their obedience to God by making it a legalistic affair.

Yet, even after God gives us the greatest gift to mankind, we tend to look at matters through a black and white perspective. Jesus colored our relationship with Him with a new covenant. When we watch shows on black and white television, it is not as gratifying as watching it on color television.

Therefore, brothers and sisters let’s tarry and enjoy God’s presence through the Bible and the settings where He has put us in. Put forth color into your heart while you delve into His word. Color your school, work and home settings with vibrant love.

If you haven’t experienced fruit in your life then that’s a good indication that Jesus can do more with you. Fruits are always colorful! Never black or white.


What areas of your life are still black and white? Substitute legalism with genuine enjoyment for the Lord. Bring Jesus into those situations and you will experience milk and honey.


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