As I was worshipping the Lord yesterday, I came across a verse that struck me:

“Take all of me, All of my hope is in you…”

Jesus is not deserving of “most” or “some” of you or me. He gave us an eternal sacrifice; He gave his ALL on the cross.

Here comes the goosebumps: Read the lyrics as if Jesus was saying this to you. He truly has planted ALL his hope in mankind.

There are other songs that use the word “all” or “everything” or even an “undivided heart”.

Worshipping Jesus cannot encompass “most” or “some” of who we are.

He tells us to lay everything at the foot of the cross. Why? So that we can prepare our hearts and worship Him with everything that we have. We should not be distracted because He says, “Let me handle your problems”.

When we lay down 50% of our struggles at the Cross, then the other 50% gives us a divided heart. With a divided heart, we are not fully able to express our love for Him. We essentially keep 50% of it for the Devil to access our hearts.

Let’s not give less and take more from God.


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