I swear I think stuff was growing in my hair. Good thing my fingernails were short or else I would’ve collected all the evidence.

It’s scary when dandruff wakes you up in the middle of the night. “Scratch me!”

I was not about to ‘whip my hair back and forth’ (Imagine all the gunk flying out).

How did all this happen?

There was no hot water in my apartment for 5 days!

In the midst of my discomfort, Jesus gave me time to think.

I take things for granted all the time. Whether it’s the satisfaction of a hot shower or using electricity, why haven’t I praised Jesus more for these privileges?

Yet, I continue to think that a hot shower is a necessity, not a privilege. WRONG.

Then I started wondering what would happen if one day, Jesus decided not to love us anymore or He decided to undo His resurrection on the Cross.

Not washing my body for a prolonged period is bothersome; however, the thought of not having Jesus anymore is complete death. My hands and feet will not be pierced to the Cross.  If not Christ, who could?

Jesus’s love should not be taken for granted.

This New Year, I pray that I will have more compassion towards those who do not have the simple necessities in life.


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