What will you learn?

In year 2500, if I’m a student sitting down in a history class, I wonder what the teacher will teach. This visual may pull the lever of your imagination and make it start  going places that seem irrelevant in today’s context (as far as technological advances are concerned). Whether or not history books become tablet PC’s is not my focus. As years pass by, a lot of what we learned in our middle school and high school history classes will simply be categorized as “Additional information”. Will the events of the Korean War be described in two short sentences? Will the Battle of Stalingrad even be mentioned? Historical information is tricky; which lessons will shape the future generations of the 26th century? We won’t be included in the 26th century’s discussions unless you have an imminent desire to make such a difference. The bottom line: “His Story”, the Bible, will never change. The word is God. Let’s all learn about the greatest tangible gift to all mankind:  the Bible. There are some things in HIS-story that never lose importance  past, present or future.


1st movie blog-critique


The forces of innocence and evil clashed mightily.

The screenwriter(s) and director were the real swans; they pushed the movie majestically beyond normality.

Natalie Portman found herself nominated for Best Actress for the right reasons.

Watching Natalie manipulate her own body was not as awkward as me watching this movie amongst 4 girls.

  • The message I got from this movie: Worldly perfection may be temporary, but never eternal.
  • The evidence: New “Swan Queens” will emerge. Careers are short lived. Beauty subsides. Natalie may have gotten a standing ovation, but years down the line, it is all but a memory.

Not to be pessimist, but thinking about the world makes me so. Thinking eternally with a divine purpose makes me optimistic.

Nonetheless, great movie!


The person who thought of the tagline “WWJD” is ingenious.

“What would Jesus do?”

However, in my opinion, it is not about what He would do, but ask yourself, “What did Jesus do?”

He has already done everything perfectly and righteously before the Lord.

I’m pretty sure I know what Jesus would do in my circumstances.

How do I know? Well because he already did it. He knew the sinners’ temptations.

But never went through with the temptation at hand.

The Devil could not put a stronghold on Jesus. 10 Jesus said to him, “Away from me, Satan! For it is written: ‘Worship the Lord your God, and serve him only” (Matthew 4).

Literally, look at what Jesus had done.

He has conquered every facet in life with Love, Justice, and Compassion.

That is certainly why he is Lord, Jesus Christ.

My struggle is to look at what Jesus did and apply that to my life.

It is a struggle, but a joy to emulate our Father.