I was just reading On Becoming a Leader for school.

But that book detracts from who I really am.

On this Thanksgiving day, I am grateful that I depend on a Holy and Mighty God.

I’ve been spoiled by delicious Thanksgiving dinners in past years. My friends were always quick to invite me over. I’ve had my Thanksgiving portions this past week, so I’m okay laying low for tonight.

But to think that my parents haven’t celebrated around a big table with relatives in about 20 years is quite mind boggling.

My parents have played “Solitaire” and have not won; they must be lonely; they are not one in spirit, mind and truth.

Although I am an only child, I feel stuffed by his grace and mercy.

Ironically, today is Thanksgiving but we receive more than we give. Tomorrow adds more irony towards Thanksgiving weekend as well. BLACK FRIDAY!

Therefore, I shout with adoration, “LORD, THANK YOU FOR GIVING!”


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