Permanent Resident

Find a reason to believe.

Your dreams will be restored when you enter God’s kingdom.

For all undocumented people, I share your pain and frustration. Is there any treasure left to dig? Look deep and down inside. Search God’s heart and he will heal.

You feel like opportunities have been shut down. There seems to be a limit in this journey.

We may not be United States citizens; however, we better make sure that we’re first heavenly citizens. We’re desperately digging in the wrong areas.

Dig through God’s heart first to understand that he has a greater plan for you. Are you calling politicians before you cry out to God?

Dig through your priorities, and see that you need to reassemble your responsibilities and duties.

Where is our faith? You and I have been blessed plenty. Our situation could be worse.

Luckily, God made a way for us to be educated even through college. We’ve been given under the table jobs. Essentially, God has given us our daily bread.

I can’t wait until God accelerates immigration reform. Until then, we can push the car as hard as we want, but the car is not in neutral. It won’t go anywhere.

Be steadfast in God’s love. He has not forgotten about our situation. Understand that the world may isolate undocumented people, but God has bridged us to a covenant with Jesus.

Jesus has signed off on this covenant with his blood. We are all documented in God’s story. Understand that God has to be the author of your story. Until then you will remain undocumented.

Sooner than later, the immigration reform hole will be so big that you’ll be shoveling the dirt on yourself. You’ll be buried through human effort. Dig God’s heart and you will fill the void in your heart with treasure.

The United States is a temporary state. Become a permanent resident in Heaven. Your stay will last through eternity.


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